I'm amazing. Learn more about me.

Throughout my carreer as a software engineer I always believed that the best design is a simple, functional, creation adhearing to requirements. Now, starting a new chapter in my carreer as a front-end-web-application developer, I believe I can apply this principle accross the board.

My carreer started at the beginning of 1990 after graduating with a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Minnessota in Minneapolis. The job opportunities took me to Austin, TX. I started working through a contracting company for IBM. My experience, was learning and writting code in C. The job was porting code from another language to C. My second job opportunity was with a small company that was developing the NCR Unix V.4 RAID manager to AIX to fit IBM's specifications.

This experience took me to the next level of working with larger corporations such as Tandem Computers which was bought by Compaq Computers which, eventually, was bought by HP. The experience was working in the Unix environment and developing availability software. Developed and maintained most of the availability software which introduced me to the Tandem's Servers redundant environment that I took to the software redundant environment. From there I went to Sun Microsystems where I worked in the Solaris8 and Solaris9 environment. I also undertook the development of the group's web site to be linked to Sun's main web site.

My Goals

Achieve the Front-End Web Development Certificate

  • After completion of all courses and assignments my goal is to earn the certification.

Improve expertise in Front-End Web technologies

  • Code using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Code using Javascript.
  • Learn more about JQuery libraries.

Aquire more knowledge and expertise in Frameworks

  • Develop design using Bootstrap Framework.
  • Develop design using w3.CSS Framework.

Understand and learn more React.js (or Angular)

  • Use React.js to design an app UI.

Become a Web Development Manager

  • Take a class on management. Use it to become a manager of a front-end web development group.