About me

I started my professional journey as a foreign languages teacher a few years ago. Since graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages in 2016 - I speak Spanish, English, Italian and French -, communication and language learning have been my true passion.

Eventually I decided a career change was best for me; it was no longer fair to exclude machine languages from my repertoire! Though I was completely new to the field, my first class in Programming Fundamentals with Python helped me find comfort in the amount of transferable skills I had from my foreign languages background.

The same way a (missing) tilde may drastically alter the meaning of a sentence, a missing semicolon in Java, for example, is capable of ruining an application. If you want hear me talk a bit more about the relationship between both disciplines, check this podcast out (coming soon).

After learning the basics, I kept on taking more front-end development courses and eventually I received a grant for Montgomery College's Java Web Development bootcamp. Below you will discover my achievements in IT so far, as well as upcoming projects/ideas I'm also working on.


My goals for the Front-End Web Development Certification

The certification process gave me the chance explore different areas of Front-End Web Development, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XML/JSON/AJAX and Responsive Web Design. My goal was twofold: to begin building my resume as a web developer, to gain knowledge of how to design web pages and to eventually understand how the internet actually works.


  • To learn the difference between programming languages and markup languages.
  • To learn what is a tag/element, an attribute; the difference between src and href, etc.
  • Learn how to inspect pages, view and understand html code in other pages.


  • To be able to change the layout and style of my pages.
  • Learn the basics to code CSS rules from scratch, in order to better understand Bootstrap and other CSS Frameworks.
  • Be able to tweak my templates to my liking.


  • Learn how to make webpages interactive.
  • Learn to make simple animations and to reuse them in different pages.


  • Learn about the JavaScript frameworks available.
  • Learn to navigate frameworks and combine JS knowledge to tweak effects to my liking.


  • Understand how data is stored and communicated through different languages.
  • Better understand how .xml files work inside a Spring Boot Application.
  • Learn the syntax of JSON files to have a better understanding of Angular JS, and how it relates to REST API's.

Responsive Web Design (RWD):

  • Apply and expand front-end development skills.
  • Learn to create a single html file that adapts to any device in a smooth manner.

My Skills

Spring Web MVC framework
Core Java

Certification Coursework


Java Web Development Bootcamp

Montgomery College's JWDB is an 8-week intensive bootcamp that took me from my first "Hello World!" in Java to developing my first web applications. You can click on the icons below to see each week's test-project on GitHub, along with their respective README files.

Prospective Employers