Kurt Schwartz

Teacher ♦ Web Designer


International Teacher



Developed and taught interdisciplinary curriculum for Grade 4 Maths, English, Science and Social Studies.

ESL Teacher

New Orleans


Developed and taught Engish for Academic Purposes for working professionals and matriculating adults




Developed and delivered lessons for Grade 4 English Language Arts and Grade 4 and Grade 5 Social Studies

Web Development Certfication Coursework

Capstone Project
The capstone project of the certification was a designing this e-portfolio. It showcases the skills learned and their practical application.

About Me

My name is Kurt. I am originally from Texas. I have spent the last few years jumping around cities. I've spent the last two years in Beijing. Before that, I was in New Orleans, Houston and Austin. In my free time, I also like to make beer, cook and sometimes dapple in some art, including that landscape at the top of the page.

Individual Front-end Web Development Goals for Certification


  • Develop knowledge of angular, REACT and JQuery libaries
  • Develop integrations supporting scripting languages, such as php, xml and json
  • Strengthen understanding of server-side functions
  • Programming

  • Develop proficiency in javascript
  • Develop proficiency in JQuery
  • Develop proficiency in python
  • Experiment with software applications of javascript

Prospective Employers

Here are some prospective employers that are looking for front-end developers.

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